Available Wood Species

Available Wood Species

We strive to bring you fine wood columns defined by truly authentic character. Square wood columns are available in 8 fine wood species to meet the needs of every project.


Alder is a member of the Birch family. The Black Alder is most popularly used in the crafting of furniture. Alder ranges from reddish to reddish-white to reddish-yellow. Alder is similar to Cherry, but does not tend to darken with time.


Cherry is favored for its beauty and resistance to warping. Cherry, a wood of straight and tight grain, is light in coloration and can take on a darker reddish tone over time.


Maple is commonly light reddish-brown in coloration, and of fine, uniform texture. Maple is a popular choice for the crafting of furniture, and often employed for its hardness and strength.


Mahogany has a straight grain, and is a rich dark-reddish brown. Mahogany tends to darken with time. Mahogany is also valued for its durability and resistance to rotting, and so traditionally employed in the crafting of outdoor items and watercraft.


Pine belongs to the Evergreen family, and possesses a creamy white, yellowish or light-brown coloration. Pine is a soft wood that dries easily, and it is not prone to shrinking and swelling.

Red Oak

Red Oak is famous for its strength and weight. It often holds a reddish tinge near the knot structure.


Redwood is reddish-brown in color and light in weight. Redwood has insulating and insect repellant qualities, and so, Redwood is a popular choice for outdoor applications.


Walnut is medium-brown to dark-brown in color, and famous for its rich appearance. Walnut features an even grain and dark knot structure.