Premier Series Wood Species

Available Wood Species

Premier Wood Columns are available in a diverse selection of fine wood species. You will find that different wood species will give the same column style completely different appearances and characteristics specific to the chosen species. Oak, for example, is renowned for its strength while Cherry takes on a reddish tone over time.


The Black Alder is commonly used in the manufacturing of furniture, and is a member of the Birch family. Alder has a large pore structure and in terms of coloration, it ranges from reddish to reddish-white and reddish-yellow, resembling Cherry but not having an inclination toward darkening over time.


Pine is a popular, pale Evergreen species, having creamy white to light-brown coloration. Pine has a uniform texture accented by annual rings, and this species will often yellow with time.

Cherry Oak

Cherry Oak is light in coloration and takes on a reddish tone over the years. The grain is straight and tight and not prone to warping.

Red Oak

Defined by its strength and weight, the Red Oak is a North American native. It has a reddish coloration that can be observed near the knots.


Mahogany possesses a straight grain and it has long been employed for its durability and resistance to rotting, making it a traditionally popular choice in the manufacturing of furniture and watercraft. Mahogany is perhaps most famous for its dark reddish-brown coloration, a feature that darkens with time and deepens with stain.


Redwood is traditionally favored for its unique insulating qualities, insect repellant qualities and light weight. Redwood is reddish-brown in color, straight-grained and an excellent choice for outdoor applications.


Maple is very hard and possesses a fine, close, uniform grain texture. Maple is light reddish-brown in coloration and most popularly employed in the crafting of furniture.


Walnut is a rich dark wood, being medium-brown to dark-brown in color. Walnut is often favored for its even, handsome grain texture and dark knot structure.