Premier Wood Columns

Premier Series Wood Columns

When you require an outstanding and traditional column, the Premier Series has much to offer. Premier Series wood columns convey the timeless elegance of the classical orders through exquisite hand-craftsmanship in a diverse range of fine wood species. We offer Premier columns with architecturally accurate characteristics, such as pointed Doric fluting, deep, filleted Ionic fluting and tapered shafts. You can also order non-tapered Premier columns, columns with true architectural proportions, or columns in custom heights and widths to meet the needs of every project.

Greek Doric

The Greek Doric is inspired by the first documented of the three primary orders. The Greek Doric does not have a base, but consists of a shaft that rises to a simply flared capital supporting a slab, or abacus.

Roman Doric

The Roman Doric is an enrichment of the Greek Doric, as it includes elegant molding details. The column includes a base, and a shaft that rises to a series of molding rings that combine to create the subtly flared neck of the Roman Doric Capital, which supports a crisp, square crown.


When you require a simply elegant and flexible column in the Doric tradition, consider the Tuscan. The Tuscan is of stocky proportions, and is defined by its base and molded capital.

Roman Ionic

The Roman Ionic column features a unique capital that sets it apart from the rest. The column rises from its base and the shaft meets the definitive partially uncurled scroll form enriched with decorative details at the neck.


The Corinthian departs from the Doric and Ionic through a lushly crafted acanthus leaf crown. The column includes a molded base and the shaft rises to a capital adorned with two courses of acanthus leaves supporting eight Ionic-inspired scrolls and a molded cap with concave sides that conform to the four points of the capital.